Student Services / Visas

The Australian government provides individuals wishing to study in Australia with the option of a student visa. However in most cases, a student visa can be granted to an individual only when they have been accepted and enrolled into a college, tafe or university for a program of study.

At INDAUS Immigration, with unbiased counselling and a transparent process we guide individuals through the entire process of applying for a course of study in Australia as well as in obtaining the appropriate visa on successful acceptance for study. In addition, we also provide extended services onshore for international students who are within Australia and who need any guidance in their academic pathway.


Through our expert knowledge and past success, we can provide comprehensive services to international students who are currently studying in or wish to study in Australia and assist them in finding the best study options. We help students find the right Universities, English Language training, Degree and Courses.

Course change

Course changes are not unheard of when on enrolment into a university for a particular course of study; a student may find a better study alternative more suited to his/her interests and career. Each university and college has a different process in applying for a change of course. At INDAUS Immigration we can provide you with the information to make the process smoother and quicker.

Student Visa

Based on the kind of education you seek (university, TAFE, etc.) and an acceptance into an Australian university, a student visa may be granted to any individual wishing to pursue their studies in Australia.

Visa extension

A student visa extension may be granted to any student who wishes to continue studying in Australia beyond the permitted time on the original student visa.