The Australian government provides a range of visa options for families with the ability for individuals in various circumstances to support their children, parents or spouses in Australia.

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Partner Visas

Partner visas are meant for partners of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible NewZealand Citizens. They cater to individuals wanting to get married, already married or for de-facto partners (including same sex relationships), and permit the applying partner to live in Australia either on a temporary or permanent basis based on the specific visa subclass and application type. – online casino

Parent Visas

These visas include the Parent Visas, Contributory Parent Visas and Aged Parent Visas. They essentially allow an individual with parents overseas to bring them into Australia; or for parents living in Australia to remain here. Based on the visa type and duration, an individual’s parents can then live in Australia with their children and families either temporarily or permanently.


There are numerous child visa subclasses that permit a parent living and working in Australia to bring their children into the country either on a temporary or permanent basis. These visas cater to a range of situations including Orphan Relative Visas, Adoption Visas, Dependant Child Visas, and Permanent Child Visas.